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The Solarium Place is a worthwhile real estate investment for its strategic location near the roads and main thoroughfares. It is also accessible via different forms of transportation systems. Living here, your family will also be near schools, churches, hospitals, malls, business centers, government offices, recreation parks and centers, shopping destinations and other significant places for a modern dweller’s life.

The property is also by DMCI, an established real estate brand in the Philippines. It is known for its commitment to providing its real estate customers and markets with topnotch products and services, promoting their life quality and providing them with the comfort and convenience of living in a self-contained and closed knit community. 

The Solarium Place has facilities and amenities that you and your loved ones will enjoy. A few to mention include swimming pools, game room, AV room, function hall and security system.

Investing in a condominium, you can also be sure of return on investment because its value appreciates over time.  And buying a property by DMCI, you can also look forward to long lasting home built with high quality materials and constructed with top innovations and expertise.

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